About Us

At Ryan, we have two goals: Quality Slicers, and Happy Customers

What We Do

For 25 Years, Ryan has built the best bun and bagel slicers.

Ryan Technology makes our commercial bakery slicers durable, with high quality components. We make them reliable and we make them easy to maintain, using mostly readily available parts. We have steadily improved upon them over those 25 years, and added additional models. Many bakeries still have their 10, 15, even 20-year-old machines slicing and in great working order. You can read the testimonials below and see what customers say about our machines and service.

Who We Are

Ryan Technology is a family owned and operated business. Quality, service and integrity are ingrained in our company culture. We strive to build the best quality products and provide the best service to our customers. Contact Us by phone or email and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Our History

Ryan Technology was founded in 1993, splitting off from our Metal Fabrication company—Ryan Industries. Our first two models, the Model 892 Center-Hinge Butterfly Slicer and the Model 793 Rotary Table Utility Slicer were well received when they debuted at the 1994 International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) in Las Vegas. The Model 793 Rotary Table Slicer was particularly applauded as it represented the return of a unit similar to the old, reliable Zira slicer, but with upgrades and more versatility. It has earned Ryan the reputation of being the slicer for bagels (but we slice buns, croissant and ciabatta, too). Ryan has kept the tradition of quality and reliability in all our products.

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Ryan Slicer

It has been such a pleasure to work with Sandy and Ryan Technology, Inc. Their response time to questions and ordering is impeccable. The customer service is nothing short of professional and delightful. Thank you for all the times that you were able to accommodate our needs and expediting parts to us to keep our production line going.

We are ecstatic that you were able to rise to the occasion and get all those parts we kneaded. It sliced down the production downtime and saved our buns. I dough not think I could have gotten all those parts number without you. Amy and I always say that you bake our day when we get to call you for help. We appreciate you and hope to get batter at ordering things ahead of time instead of rushing you.

Thank you Sandy!

Ryan Slicer

Our Ryan Bun and bagel slicer has been a wonderful little machine. It rarely complains and when it does, it gives us lots of time to do something about it. Bagels are making a comeback these days and with our bun orders, the Ryan Slicer allows us to sell a sliced product.

Ryan Slicer

I have had the Ryan Model 793 slicer for almost 4 years now. We are a pretty decent size bakery and it has always been one of the best investment purchases we made. We use it everyday and it's always so reliable and simple to use. I also like the design of the slicer and how safe it is. The slicer is easy to use, so teaching my employees was great.

Customer support is top notch! Great people with great help. They are always here to help out if you have questions or need anything. As we grow I will definitely be purchasing more slicers from them.

Ryan Slicer

We have had a Ryan Mod. 793 slicer since '96, and expect to run it for another 20+ years! The machine is a very straight forward design, easy to work on. Parts are readily available, often shipped same day and the parts department staff are amazingly knowledgeable.

If we ever needed another, or a new slicer... we would automatically contact Ryan first. I can sincerely recommend Ryan products.

Ryan Slicer

We would absolutely recommend Ryan to other bakeries.


Since using your Model 1097 slicer, it has been easy to use, easy to maintain and the folks at Ryan are always ready to help!


Ryan Slicer

We have had our Ryan Model 892 Slicer for about 11 years. I personally have worked with it for just over 4 years. In that time I can say that it is a solid piece of equipment. We never have any mechanical issues and the maintenance is simple. Ryan customer support is fantastic, anything from getting parts to getting our blade sharpened; they are on top of it. For us it is an extra perk that they are a local company. We would absolutely buy another Ryan Slicer and would recommend it to anyone looking for a machine that will NOT break down on them.

Ryan Slicer

We have had Ryan products for over 20 years and the products and people are great and have greatly assisted us in growing our company, now providing bagels to 23 states. They (Ryan) are far superior than anything on the market. They treat you like family—family that you like! We would purchase another Ryan, and if you don't have one, you should have already bought one.